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Crystal Foreman Painting Workshop

Crystal Foreman is planning to teach painting classes to beginners and accomplished painters in three (six week) sessions.  We will take a two week break between each session, as some leave and other painters join the classes.  The classes will be at Sterling Fine Art Gallery on Bullard Street in Silver City.  We will have limited space, so classes will be limited to eight students, so those interested should sign up as soon as possible to assure a spot in the classes. Thursdays 10am-3pm
The cost of each six-week session will be $140 per student, paid in advance.

To sign up or for questions:
505-699-5005, Miriam cell,
575-200-0666, Crystal cell,

Week 1
We will get organized and get a start/refresher on beginning a painting.  The following is a list of the materials you will need:
    1.  Oil paint,
Titanium white (they now make a softer version, called Soft Mixing White which does not replace titanium but is very helpful to use, I recommend you have both). Ultramarine blue
Persian blue
Alizarin Crimson
Quinacridone red (also called thalo rose)
Cadmium red
Cadmium orange
Cadmium yellow medium
Cadmium lemon
Yellow ochre
Chromium oxide green
Sap green
Canvases or canvas boards ( let’s keep sizes under 30 x 40)   
Brushes (if you already paint you will know what you prefer, if not let us know and I will make a suggestion list)
ODORLESS mineral spirits
Paper towels or rags   
Easel (floor space is limited, I will provide 5 easels, if you have an easel that works for you and is fairly compact, bring it, make plans either way before class.

Bring intended subject matter, and be prepared to discuss and learn about the following:
Basic composition
Color composition 
Value composition
Focal point/s

We will begin to paint!

Week 2:
We will critique, make corrections, discuss style and process

Week 3:
We will repeat week 2 and additionally begin a second canvas.  At this point we will start to discuss finish, focal points, color refinements.

Week 4:
Artists are encouraged to break out a bit, discuss and plan next painting, what they want as individuals, what styles they admire, what they want from the effort of painting.

Week 5:
At this point we should have hit a rhythm, and I shall start to individualize goals and
plans with each artist.  You should be prepared to break out, move in a direction that you choose for yourself.  More critique, more understanding of focal point and methods of accomplishment.

Week 6:
We will try to bring closure and finish for those leaving the group, and make additional plans for those continuing to the second session.  We will discuss “finish”, the very hardest thing to be sure of about a painting.  Some work is done in minutes, other works can take years to develop to the intended finished work.  It is my goal that the painter will leave the 6th class feeling that they have learned a lot, and accomplished a lot.

After the initial six week session, there will be a two-week respite, and the second session will begin on the same schedule. Unforeseen scheduling problems will be managed as they come (weather, illnesses and such).